Fathers for Forests

To celebrate this Father’s Day (June 21) and World Rainforest Day (June 22), support these nature products from village fathers who have been dedicated to protecting their forests, and have lost all income from eco-tourism during this critical time of COVID-19 pandemic.

Your contribution will not only reward your father (or yourself/ the whole family) with a unique hamper of organically-farmed vegetables/fruits and sustainably-sourced forest products, your generosity will also support us to continue protecting these forests.

Supporting Rural Farmers and Fathers for Rainforests.


RM88: one rattan basket (from Pinolobu) + mix of banana/plantain (pisang keling/saba, from Pinolobu), banana blossom (jantung pisang, from Pinolobu), kaffir lime (limau parut, from Penawan), lemongrass (serai, from Penawan), pineapples (nanas, from Kiau or Penawan), tuhau (from Pinolobu), sour jungle fruit (liposu/kobibi, from Pinolobu) + 1kg of organic rice (beras putih/merah/hitam, from Long Pasia) OR 100g of stingless bee honey (madu kelulut, from Pinolobu)

Rm138: the RM88-package + 1kg of organic rice (beras putih/merah/hitam, from Long Pasia) OR 100g stingless bee honey (madu kelulut, from Pinolobu) + pumpkin (labu, from Kiau)

RM188 (only 2 available): the RM88-package + 250g of stingless bee honey (madu kelulut, from Penawan) + pumpkin (labu, from Kiau)

* Free chopping block (Pehandatan, from rambutan log) for the first 10 orders.

Contact us here or on our Facebook Page to book your precious! All options come with our free consultation to visit these community forests. Please also consider to contribute more than these packages to help us connect with more Nature programs and together conserve for better Nature.

Platter of Perfection: Collective of Nature Goodness. (This photo is only for reference, but provides a good idea of the combo ๐Ÿ™‚
Risin and friends in Kg Pinolobu: fathers of Tagal Hutan Maranggoi in Kadamaian

The people of Pinolobu have been conserving their community catchment in Maranggoi for generations and opened it to public as Maranggoi Eco Tourismโ€‹. Now they’re planning to form a larger reserve (tagal hutan) by including the adjacent catchment of Korojoh and to buffer it with their own farm lands (where they’re committed to reforestation/ agroforestry/ permaculture whichever suitable, and no more clearing of old growth forest within the reserve)

Visit them to support their cause, especially in July-Oct when it’ll be the fruiting season of durian, manggis, rambutan, terap, etc.

Joseph and cousins: fathers of Penawan Waterfalls Eco Park in Lawas

Joseph Tai founded the Penawan Cooperative to oversee the conservation and management of the community reserve of Penawan (better known as Penawan Waterfalls Eco Parkโ€‹ to public). Joseph is also dedicated to permaculture to ensure sustainable healthy food supply to his community, and to better protect the forest biodiversity.

Dubbed the Paradise of Waterfalls, the 300-acre reserve is their family effort to protect water catchment and wildlife. Not only the park has more than 20 waterfalls, it is also important habitat for many rare and endangered wildlife.

Visit them to support their cause, especially in Sep-Dec when it’ll be the peak fruiting season of durian. Their durian is so famous that they’re featured in the The Year of Durian blog.

Pangiran Salutan: father of organic farming in Long Pasia, and champion of indigenous movement in the Heart of Borneo

As the chairperson of FORMADAT Sabah, Pangiran Salutan is committed to improve livelihood of the indigenous highland people and to nature conservation in the Heart of Borneo. He advocates for organic farming in his home village of Long Pasia and works towards establishing a forest reserve with his community in Long Pasia.

Purchase their organic products and visit Long Pasia to support their cause.

Lerry: father of Gumbayong forest reserve in Kiau Taburi

Lerry Dominic, or Gumbayong, is a Kinabalu mountain guide, a bird-watching guide, and a farmer planting pineapples, vegetables, and coffee chemical-free at the foothill of Kinabalu. He sets aside his family forest as a small reserve, so that his friends and families, especially his little boy Blyth, can enjoy the forest with its many goodness in the future.

Go explore Kinabalu with him and visit his trail to support his cause.

Fathers for Forests: support nature products from these fathers who have been dedicated to protecting their forests, but have lost all income from eco-tourism during this critical time.
When circumstances allow, we are more than happy to arrange for your visit to support their farms, villages, and community forests.
Agarwood and Tongkat Ali are some of the most valuable plants in our rainforest. Get in touch if you’d like some planted/harvested sustainably ones, to make you or your father strong ๐Ÿ˜‰

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