Dols to Maranggoi Pinolobu

We had the privilege to accompany our patron Mr. & Mrs. Dols to visit and experience the richness of Kampung Pinolobu! Being one of the firsts to support our initiative in community conservation, they finally got to check out our conservation effort of Maranggoi River Reserve, under the united community initiative of Koperasi Pinolobu.

Special thanks to Risin, Jalni, and friends for staying true with our cause, and for making this trip a fun and fulfilling one!

#CommunityForConservation #ForNature #NatureForAll

Dinner of naturally-grown local produce at the new Bunti-Bunti campsite by the Maranggoi River: experience local hill rice, jeruk tuhau (pickled ginger), bosou (fermented fish), salted fish with liposu, terap soup, and unlimited serving of fruits-in-season!
Welcomed by Wildlife: befriending the tamed widllife of Maranggoi River and Kampung Pinolobu.
From tree to teeth: savoring the magnificent mangosteen, fresh off the pluck, among many other fruits peaking in July-August.
Sharing is caring: learn about traditional use of local plants with cultural significance.
From garden to ropuhan: cooking with traditional ingredients in a traditional kitchen.
SpecialTea: enjoy a morning cuppa by the Maranggoi River, and end a long day of fruit-sampling with the stomach-soothing guava leaf tea, served with our very own stingless bee (kelulut/tantadan) honey.
Indulgence: breakfast buffet of natural goodness by the Maranggoi River.
Bad-ass Bahar: Experience the production of coconut palm wine, and end the day by enjoying a glass with friends in the river or at a bonfire.
Full moon party by the river: with native nocturnal life of Maranggoi River.
Perfect picnic: complete the trip with a spread of local delights by the wonderful Wasai Siriba.

(All photos by M.S. Khoo, unless otherwise stated)

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