Contribute cash and equipment (e.g. used cameras & smartphones) to support our efforts in developing for a deeper connection with Nature, for Nature.

Contribute to a better understanding of Nature, for Nature

Sharing the vision of IUCN CECWCPA #NatureForAll, the Konexer hopes and envisions a better world with more people of deeper knowledge (scientia) and connection with Nature. We are dedicated to provide a free platform to showcase nature-connecting people and programs, especially those of nature research, education, and conservation, and hope to generate more income for these causes through synergistic partnerships.

At the moment, the Konexer survives only on its founder‘s personal fund, mainly from consulting on and organizing (very occasional) nature explorations and surveys. Therefore, we appreciate any form of contribution or support to help sustain and enhance our:

  • websitecash and time for server maintenance, research and writing, content creation and promotion (via partnership / internship)
  • research for education – cash, expertise, and equipment to improve understanding of ecosystems, that helps improve livelihood of native communities (via ecotourism, permaculture, agroforestry, etc.) and ultimately conservation:
    • sensors & used DSLR as automated photo traps (viz. Canon Digital Rebel, EOS 1000D/ 100D/ 1100D/ 1200D/ 300D/ 350D/ 400D/ 450D/ 500D/ 550D/ 600D/ 60D/ 60Da/ 650D/ 700D/ 70D, and Nikon D3100/ D3200/ D3300/ D5000/ D5100/ D5200/ D5300/ D600/ D610/ D7000/ D7100/ D7200/ D750/ D90/ Df);
    • used action cameras for documentation and wildlife survey (e.g. GoPro, DJI Osmo Action, etc.);
    • used weatherproof smartphones as wildlife CCTV and mapping device (e.g. iPhone 7 / 8 / X, Sony);
    • hardware / software for processing footage & map
  • initiatives to establish ICCAs at Maragang (Mesilau), Maranggoi (Pinolobu), Podos, Belanum (Bakun-Balui), Penawan Waterfalls (Penawan) – cash, expertise, and materials for activity centres, boardwalks, plant nurseries, capacity-building, etc.

We look forward to hear from you and chat about how you might help us, be it financially or technically, to inspire for a deeper connection with Nature. To contribute, supporters in Malaysia and Singapore may use banking facilities while friends from overseas may consider PayPal transfer. If you have stuff to give, we always appreciate the opportunity to meet and catch up in person  🙂

You may not need to get yourself dirty to be deeply connected with Nature, or rooted in Earth.. You only need to support our works by donating or joining our activities (well, some of which can really get you muddy..).
Small in size, BIG in heart: it is important to inculcate in our children the love for Nature, from as young as possible.

high fauna diversity
From Flora to Fauna: your contributions help discover the rich biodiversity at our partners’ community-reserves, and confirming the high conservation values of these places.
new flora species
Your contributions also help uncover species new to science at our partners’ community-reserves, and enhance our knowledge of the ecosystems.

(All text and photos by M.S.Khoo, unless otherwise stated)