Hike to the top of Maragang Hill for a stunning view of Kinabalu, explore the highest community nature reserve in Malaysia and support its conservation.

Maragang Hill

  • Highest community nature reserve in Malaysia, with peak at 2232 m.a.s.l.
  • Natural heritage preserved by the Dusun community of Kampung Mesilau, Kundasang, for their future generations.
  • Important water catchment for the surrounding communities.
  • Maragang is the Dusun name of maroon langur, Presbytis rubicunda, a leaf monkey endemic to Borneo.
  • Rich and unique flora in a montane forest ecosystem, with many more to be discovered with scientific partnerships.
  • With conservation program advised by Sukaibin Sumail, botanist of Sabah Parks, and assisted by ecologist Khoo M.S.
  • Hope to be an educational hub for students of science and eco-tourism.
  • Hope to be a role model of eco-tourism in Sabah.

We welcome you to join our regular trips to help survey for the landscape and wildlife of Maragang. You will get a good workout while being rewarded with fresh cool air and a stunning view of Kinabalu and Kundasang. Or simply organize your hike anytime ( an overnight stay is highly recommended for star-gazing and sunrise). Your visits will contribute to the conservation effort and livelihood of Mesilau people.

Visit us today and support the highest community nature reserve in Malaysia:

highest community nature reserve in Malaysia
Maragang Hill Reserve serves as important buffer to Kinabalu Park, an UNESCO World Heritage Site.
highest community nature reserve in Malaysia
At 2200m, Maragang Hill is not only the highest community nature reserve in Malaysia, but also home to endemic / montane plants like this conifer (Dacrydium gibbsiae?).
The montane forest of Maragang is home to many beautiful flora endemic to area around Kinabalu.
The montane forest of Maragang is home to many interesting invertebrate fauna.
highest community nature reserve in Malaysia
The peak of Maragang Hill is lined with wooden boardwalk and platforms. This minimize trampling effect of hikers and provides a better, panoramic view.
This is one the main reasons why we build wooden boardwalk and platforms, in order to protect our rare, endemic plants from trampling of hikers. We welcome donation and sponsorship to help us realize the idea.
Our basic camp, just below the peak, provides shelter from wind and precipitation. Rain is the only water source so feel free to add to your workout by carrying water up the hill for us!
Crepuscular rays during sunrise from the top of Maragang Hill, seen after a starry night with milkyway. The feeling of seeing this magical light shining on the majestic Kinabalu, amidst crispy cool air and chirpy bird calls, cannot be described by any photo and is best to experience in person!

(All text and photos by M.S. Khoo, unless otherwise stated)