Community for Conservation

The idea of connecting the elements of science and community for conservation is not new. But few indigenous communities are lucky enough to actually receive long-term help from scientists or organizations like ECOMY or C3.  Also lacking are sustainable funding and business that can really enhance their programs.

Through nature programs enhanced by science, like some eco-tourism programs featured on this and other platforms, these communities and their mentors will be able to generate more income in order to sustain their causes in conservation. Ultimately, we hope that more habitats and species can be protected in indigenous and community conserved areas (ICCAs) through such collaborations.

community guardians of nature
Indigenous communities living with Nature for centuries are the best guardians of native ecosystems. Photo: Khoo M.S.

We welcome more scientists, naturalists, conservationists, or conservation organizations to replicate the model with their local communities for conservation. This will best protect and manage the  through sustainable businesses, in place of unsustainable agriculture or fishery. At the same time, providing an opportunity for visitors to learn about the native ecosystems, in greater depth and breadth .

We also welcome corporate or institutions to channel their CSR fund or effort towards this cause. For example, sponsoring for boardwalk or platform at community trails or reserves to reduce trampling effects from visitors. Surely, we are more than happy to help connect for synergy, to help create for more, and feature such collaborated programs.

Additionally, we hope that, instead of just another sightseeing tour, more travelers will choose to travel with a cause. You may do so by supporting our educational programs, especially one owned by indigenous community and enhanced by science.

Of course, we will very much appreciate your financial and material support!

community for conservation
Surveying for wildlife and exploring new programs with Joseph Tai, leader of a local community in Lawas, Sarawak. Photo: Khoo M.S.

Community for Conservation – example by a Konexer:

In 2018, our founder Min S. Khoo raised his own crowd-fund through Actyvate of MaGIC as seed funding. This fund was mainly for purchasing equipments and kick-start his mission of mentoring indigenous communities with his scientific knowledge. One of the objectives is to enhance their eco-businesses (like eco-tourism) by biodiversity documentation, knowledge optimization, and publication. The ultimate goal is definitely indigenous and community conserved areas (ICCAs) or its equivalent. You are more than welcomed to join him on his regular surveys at Maragang (Mesilau), Maranggoi (Pinolobu), Podos, Penawan Waterfalls (Penawan), and Belanum (Bakun-Balui).

M.S. would like to express his heartfelt gratitude to the following souls, for inspirations and financial support:  Chien Lee, Andrew Murray, Nicky Bay, Amber Khim, Tom Astle, Samwise Loh W.K., Low Wei Yap, Gavin Chew, Ivan Khong H.W., Toh Kok Ben, Jeffrey OwYong, Tow Kexyn, Carey Chia, M.J. Yap, Queenie Chan, Peter Sim S.W., G.C. Khoo, Huang Qing Zhong, Chan Chee Hoe, Poon Wei Leh, Chia Pern Hui, Nicholas H. Tay, Lim Jyh Shyong, Chris Ng Z.L., Sudassa Liew, Khoo N.H., Helen Pang, Ng C.H., Simon Lee K.C., Alva Chin, Chew Sing Chern, Carol Cheng Y.H., Jason Lim, Ferlynne Jasny, Hans & Novi Dols, Rasmus & Linnea Worsøe Havmøller, Neville Yapp, Filzah J., Elaine Kong, Ooi Chin Hock, Thio H.B., Lim Cheng Puay, Lai Chiu Yun, Airani, Sivasothi N., Debby Ng, Jani T., Jennie Lee, Zarinah Waheed, Shawn K.Y. Lum, Stuart Davies, Cam Webb, Menno Schilthuizen, Wong Siew Te, Andrew Sebastian, Irshad Mobarak, Shah Redza, Fam S.D., Lerry Dominic, Sukaibin S. (of Maragang Hill), Risin Sikin (of Kg. Pinolobu, Eddie Chia (of Kg. Bestaria), Joseph Yusuf Tai (of Penawan), Luhat Tugau (of BelanumMebong, Bakun-Balui and Uma Belor), and families in Malaysia (esp. Mdm. Ng K.H. and family of Ang L.M.), Singapore (esp. Mr. & Mrs. Khoo M.H., Khoo M.F., Khoo M.K.), and Australia (esp. the family of Mdm. Chai Moi McConnell).
(Apologies to many more not named here)

high fauna diversity
Your contributions help document the rich biodiversity at our partners’ community-reserves, and confirming the high conservation values at these places. Photos: Khoo M.S.
new flora species
Your contributions also help uncover species new to science at our partners’ community-reserves, such as these putative new Begonia, and enhance our knowledge of the ecosystems. Photos: Khoo M.S.

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