Nature Precious from the Paradise of Waterfalls

Had a good week of photoshoot with Joseph, to highlight the beauty of Penawan Waterfalls Eco Park and our conservation initiative in this beautiful community nature reserve in Lower Lawas.

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#CommunityForConservation #ForNature #NatureForAll

Can’t help but smile when one is surrounded by such natural beauty..
Local organic produce at the first & largest of waterfalls in Penawan
Local organic produce in a rattan basket made by indigenous Lun Bawang people
Rattan baskets made by indigenous Lun Bawang people
Native stingless bee honey with one of its source plants, Dillenia sp.
Durian, the king of fruits, grown naturally in the pollution-free environment around Penawan, feeding not only human but also abundant of wildlife (the nearby Sabatang Farm is also famous for Durian Dalit)
Sarawak pineapple & Bakelalan salt, perfect match in the Paradise of Waterfalls
Wonderful winter melon grown naturally next to the forest
Go banana with local fruits grown naturally next to the forest
Start & end the day with a nice cuppa by the waterfalls.. no local coffee yet, but a potential with suitable partnership

(All text and photos by M.S. Khoo, unless otherwise stated)

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